Builder API

The Builder API defines a pluggable builder framework for manipulating nginx configs from within python.

Building a config

Every config built using the builder pattern starts off with creating a :class:NginxConfigBuilder:

from nginx.config.builder import NginxConfigBuilder

nginx = NginxConfigBuilder()

By default, this comes loaded with a bunch of helpful tools to easily create routes and servers in nginx:

with nginx.add_server() as server:
    with server.add_route('/bar') as bar:

This generates a simple config that looks like this:

error_log logs/nginx.error.log;
worker_processes auto;
daemon on;
http {
    include ../conf/mime.types;
    server {
        server_name _;
        location /foo {
        location /bar {
            location /baz {
events {
    worker_connections 1024;


A plugin is a class that inherits from nginx.config.builder.baseplugins.Plugin that provides additional methods which can be chained off of the NginxConfigBuilder object. These plugins provide convenience methods that manipulate the underlying nginx configuration that gets built by the NginxConfigBuilder.

A simple plugin only needs to define what methods it’s going to export:

class NoopPlugin(Plugin):
    name = 'noop'

    def exported_methods(self):
         return {'noop': self.noop}

    def noop(self):

This NoopPlugin provides a simple function that can be called off of a NginxConfigBuilder that does nothing successfully. More complex plugins can be found in nginx.config.builder.plugins

To use this NoopPlugin, we need to create a config builder and then register the plugin with it:

nginx = NginxConfigBuilder()
nginx.noop()  # AttributeError :(
nginx.noop()  # it works!

A more complex plugin would actually do something, like a plugin that adds an expiry directive to a route:

class ExpiryPlugin(Plugin):
    name = 'expiry'
class nginx.config.builder.NginxConfigBuilder(worker_processes='auto', worker_connections=512, error_log='logs/error.log', daemon='off')[source]

Helper that builds a working nginx configuration

Exposes a plugin-based architecture for generating nginx configurations.


Registers a new nginx builder plugin.

Plugins must inherit from nginx.builder.baseplugins.Plugin and not expose methods that conflict with already loaded plugins

Parameters:nginx.builder.baseplugins.Plugin (plugin) – nginx plugin to add to builder

Returns the logical top of the config hierarchy.

This is a convenience method for any plugins that need to quickly access the top of the config tree.

:returns nginx.config.Block: Top of the config block